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Are You a Candidate for an Artificial Disc Replacement Surgery?

Are You a Candidate for an Artificial Disc Replacement Surgery?
Are You a Candidate for an Artificial Disc Replacement Surgery?

Artificial Disc Replacement Surgery

Artificial disc replacement is the surgical removal of any of the rubbery discs present in the spine and its replacement with an artificial implant. It is an advanced spine surgery that aims to relieve painful symptoms while preserving spine mobility. Here are possible indications that you might be a candidate for artificial spine surgery.

Your spine is made up of 33 small bones called vertebrae which are separated from each other by intervertebral discs that act as shock absorbers and allow spine flexibility. These discs are like gel-filled sacs in children but gradually tend to solidify or harden with age making them more susceptible to injury.

With repetitive activity, direct trauma to the spine, or simply as part of the ageing process, the spinal disc might become distorted leading to disc herniation, a condition where the harder outer portion of the disc cracks causing the inner gel-like substance to come out and press against a spinal nerve causing numbness, pain, and restricted mobility. Neck or back pain radiating down the arm or leg is a good indication of nerve injury.

If your back or neck pain symptoms are due to an underlying disc injury and symptoms do not get better with rest, physical therapy, spine injections, or other types of conservative treatments, you might be a candidate for artificial disc replacement. The advantage of disc replacement over fusion surgery is that it preserves mobility in the area of the injury and reduces the risk of injury in adjacent parts of the spine.

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