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Personal Injury

Accident Doctor for Auto and Motor Vehicle

If you are looking for an accident doctor from an auto collision or another personal injury incident, Dr. Payam Moazzaz at New Era Spine is here to help.

The phrase “accidents will happen” is among the truest and most accurate statements ever spoken, especially on today’s roadways. The website Accidents in US reports that 15,989 roadway accidents took place last year across the United States; and that thus far in 2017, 19,680 accidents have occurred on United States roads and freeways. These accidents can seriously impact the lives and health of those involved. The Bellevue site Back to Health reports that 10 percent of automobile accident victims come to face some sort of disability as a result.

These injuries can prove especially severe when they impact a delicate area such as the spine. So in the event that an automotive accident results in any degree of pain or stiffness, be sure to contact accident doctor, Dr. Payam Moazzaz at New Era Spine; a premiere personal injury doctor dedicated to both the comprehensive and therapeutic treatment of personal injury and the processing of workers’ compensation claims. In the wake of an automotive accident, or perhaps even a slip and fall, you might find yourself facing serious back injuries that include lower back pain, thoracic spine injuries, herniated discs, spinal cord injuries, etc.; not to mention a broad spectrum of numbness, tingling sensations, pain, spasms, tension, sprains, and strains. Whatever the case, Dr. Moazzaz can give you the relief you need to get back on your feet; and, for that matter, back behind the wheel.

Accident Doctor for Workers Compensation

Dr. Moazzaz is also a qualified medical examiner with extensive experience in disputed worker’s compensation cases.  Dr. Moazzaz travels throughout the state to offer his expertise on these cases within the worker’s compensation system.

Dr. Moazzaz also serves as an expert witness and assists patients suffering from accident injuries through his work as a spinal surgeon at Coastal Medical Group in San Diego.

Dr. Moazzaz will partner with you on your return journey to a state of full and total wellness; administering top-notch care through the use of minimally invasive treatments, therapies, and procedures, as well as streamlining and facilitating the complex and heavily documented process of filing personal injury claims.

Equally skilled and experienced in the operating room and the courtroom, Dr. Payam Moazzaz is a personal injury doctor that specializes in minimally invasive outpatient procedures involving small incisions, less pain and muscle damage, and shorter recovery times.

Contact Dr. Payam Moazzaz at New Era Spine today for your personal injury or accident doctor consultation.

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