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Preparing for Spine Surgery

Preparing for spine surgery does require some careful planning because your mobility will be significantly hindered. Before surgery, Dr. Payam Moazzaz will advise you regarding the best methods of physical preparation for this major procedure; and also the best manner in which you should equip your homestead to ensure your comfort and convenience in the wake of your surgery–thus ensuring a successful recovery experience.

As always, education is the key. Be sure to study up on all aspects of your specific surgical procedure, including what you should do before surgery, exactly what will happen the day of the surgery, and your anticipated recovery time. You should also research your expected pain levels and how you will manage them; therefore making the most of and shortening your recovery time. At New Era Spine, Dr. Moazzaz and his staff will take all measures to ensure your complete and comfortable recovery.

Prepare Yourself Physically

Some things to discuss with your doctor to prepare yourself physically for surgery are:

  • Not taking over-the-counter medications, NSAIDs, herbal remedies or any other drugs or supplements that could interfere with anesthetics, medications or surgery.
  • Not smoking.
  • A weight reduction program when necessary.
  • An exercise program so your body is in good condition to repair itself.
  • Scheduling a physical from your primary care physician.

At New Era Spine, our office will also give you specific instructions regarding restrictions on eating and drinking the evening prior to surgery. Normally patients are required to stop eating or drinking at midnight the evening prior to the surgery.

Prepare your Home & Schedule

To prepare your home and schedule for a more comfortable recovery, you should:

  • Pack lightly with only the essentials and leave valuables at home.
  • Arrange for help with the care of your children, other family members and any pets.
  • Make sure you have comfortable transportation home, ideally a sedan that is easy to get in and out of.
  • Get help with preparing meals, cleaning and regular household activities.
  • Place regularly used items in easy to reach positions.
  • Consider getting a toilet riser, a “grabber” and slip-on shoes, all of which will make maneuvering in your daily activities easier.
  • Modify your work schedule to accommodate recovery time. You will need 8 to 12 weeks to recover before returning to work, but may be able to return sooner depending on your rate of recovery.

At any point before your procedure, Dr. Payam Moazzaz and staff at New Era Spine are a resource, so please use us! If you have any questions or concerns that arise along the way, we will help in any way we can to ensure your experience is smooth, comfortable and effective. Just give our office a call.

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