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Why should I get back surgery?

Back surgery can be an effective and therapeutic tool in treating common back pain conditions caused by spinal stenosis, scoliosis, degenerative disc disease, a back injury or other frequent bodily disorders. It should be noted, however, that back surgery is only one option when it comes to treating and remedying spinal pain. Others include physical therapy, exercise, epidural injections, rest and gentle therapeutic massage. Dr. Payam Moazzaz at New Era Spine can work with the patient to determine the best course of therapy for your individual orthopedic condition.

Is spine surgery safe?

Modern spine surgery techniques are, for the most part, safe and effective in nature. Yet much like other surgeries, they do come accompanied by their fair share of risks; up to and including infection, reaction to anesthesia or other drugs, stroke, heart attack and nerve damage.

Performed under the seasoned supervision of Dr. Payam Moazzaz at New Era Spine, back surgeries can be performed with minimal invasiveness and with little pain or risk involved. First administering alternative treatments that include injections, massages and nonsurgical therapies, he will perform spine surgery only when the benefits outnumber the risks, resulting in restored health and vitality for the patient.

Who are the best candidates for spine surgery?

Optimum candidates for spinal surgery are those who already have undergone noninvasive and non-surgical treatment options to little effect; or to those who suffer from radiating pain in their arms or legs. This brand of pain is generally indicative of anatomical issues of the spinal cord and spine; issues that often can be resolved through spine surgery.

The patient’s individual spinal condition can be diagnosed through medical imaging tests such as MRIs. Consult Dr. Payam Moazzaz of New Era Spine to determine whether spine surgery is right for you.

What are the surgical specialities at New Era Spine?

Dr. Payam Moazzaz, orthopedic spine surgeon at New Era Spine, counts among his advanced specialties the minimally invasive treatment and resolution of pediatric and adult scoliosis, complex spine disorders, spinal cord injuries, spinal cord trauma, complex spinal disorders and tumors and vascular abnormalities of the skull base, spine and spinal cord.

Does spine surgery really work?

When the correct surgical procedures are performed with the optimum expertise, spine surgery can prove a resounding success. Utilizing his decade’s worth of experience in the field of orthopedic medicine and his mastery of both surgical and nonsurgical techniques, Dr. Payam Moazzaz at New Era Spine will diagnose and treat your spinal condition toward a goal of complete and total recovery; setting the patient back on the road to a full and healthful existence.

How much does back surgery cost?

The price of back surgery will rely heavily on the type and extent of your insurance coverage and the nature of the procedure itself. This cost also will vary according to factors that include the length of the patient’s hospital stay, as well as the need for special equipment and materials like rods, screws or bone grafting material.

To learn about and comprehend the full and total cost of your procedure, consult with your insurance provider, your physician’s office and the hospital billing provider.