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  • Dr. Moazzaz is my hero! I have had severe back pain for years. I was told I had a bulging disc. I was roller skating and exercising, pushing my body beyond its limits. Trying to build up muscle to help ease my lower back pain. I ended up in the ER 3 separate times, passing out from the pain in stores and random places. I got incredibly lucky the 3rd time as an angel decided to take my case. Dr. Moazzaz overheard me refuse another MRI and he stepped in for me. He ordered the pictures needed to show my spinal cord was about torn in half. I received a robotic spinal surgery fusing disc 4 and 5 in my lower lumber.  I am 110% better today. I am back to work and back to living my active lifestyle. He is the best surgeon in San Diego.
    • Dayna
  • The kindness and care I’ve received from Dr. Moazzaz and the staff has been wonderful. I am so fortunate to have them on my side.
    Terry C
  • Dr. Moazzaz is the best surgeon around. He takes the time to listen carefully and is thorough and knowledgable. Norm was in severe pain and couldn't walk. He could only lay in bed and had extreme difficulty getting in and out of bed. He was taken by ambulance to the hospital and upon getting an MRI we were recommended Dr, Moazzaz. We met with him and he was able to schedule a surgery the following day, which was a miracle as he is very busy. Norm's x-rays look perfect now and he has zero pain. He is able to walk a half a mile with only a cane to help him balance after his strokes. We are so happy with our experience with Dr. Moazzaz. He is so polite and caring and just the best.
    Norman B age 74
    Minimally Invasive Decompression and Fusion Surgery
  • Dr. Moazzaz was so personable, professional, caring and reassuring. I was in a lot of pain and had been use to being very active and fit. I could no longer move without pain and was limited in my activities. After a car accident I saw a pain management Dr. who said I needed this surgery and recommended Dr. Moazzaz. My girlfriend has said the biggest change since the surgery is the pain is gone from my face. I am able to enjoy life again and be active, hiking and running once again. Dr. Moazzaz's communication went above and beyond. He even called my girlfriend directly after the surgery to let her know how wonderful it went. I am grateful to be back at my job as a contractor, doing restoration work for insurance companies and be pain free at the end of the day."
    Cervical Fusion
    • Rogelio
    • Rogelio
  • Dr. Moazzaz saved my life! I was on disability after experiencing unbearable pain. I needed a multi level cervical fusion on my C3,4,5 and 6. I was terrified but I wasn't gonna live in that amount of horrific pain. I have 13 grandchildren and 5 daughters I needed to get back to living. Dr. Moazzaz gave me my life back. I am in NO pain! I get to enjoy doing all the things I had missed. I get emotional just talking about Dr. Moazzaz, he is truly the greatest.
    Susan M 65 yrs
    Cervical Fusion
    • Susan
    • Susan
    • Susan
  • Dr. Moazzaz is the most empathetic Dr and his expertise in robotics gave me great confidence. He made sure I felt safe and knew what was happening at all times.The surgery was amazingly fast and I am 5 weeks post op and because things have gone so well I sometimes forget to be careful. I was set up with an amazing team an at home nurse and physical therapist all in home care. I am a big fan of the minimally invasive robotic surgery. Prior to surgery my pain was anywhere from a 5-9 on the pain scale, today I have an itchy healing scar and only if I over do it do I experience discomfort. I can't say enough about what a caring surgeon Dr. Moazzaz is. Thank you to the entire team.
    Dorothy 71 yrs
    Lumbar Tumor Excision and Fusion
  • I had a wonderful experience with no problems and no pain. Dr. Moazzaz is one of the politest and personable Drs I have ever met. I had numbness down my left arm and wasn't able to even lift a cup of coffee. Immediately upon waking from surgery the pain was gone. I have strength back and the numbness has been slowly disappearing. I would recommend Dr. Moazzaz to anyone, he is a 5 star Dr. in my opinion.
    Ronald 81 yrs
    Cervical Fusion Spinal Cord Decompression
  • Dr. Moazzaz is the best! I had experienced cervical pain as well as shoulder pain and numbness and tingling in my arms for years. I had trouble sleeping and enjoying quality of life prior to my cervical surgery. I made sure and researched surgeons and felt Dr. Moazzaz was the most qualified. I can't say enough nice things about Dr. Moazzaz and his team. The surgery was a same day surgery and after a week of returning home I was only experiencing mild soreness. The surgery was easy and I am a thrilled with the results. I am no longer in pain and have quality of life back
    • Linda
    • Linda
    • Linda
    • Linda
  • Dr. Moazzaz changed my life...from not being able to walk half a block to get my just finishing 8689 steps at day 18 post-op! I just wonder how he feels being an answer to numerous prayers...3 level ALIF performed with an incredible team of Doctors, Techs, Nurses..and a robot of course! If you have had enough, and are willing to follow directions, and get past your fears of the surgery needed...Get Dr. Moazzaz to give you a diagnosis and course of owe that to yourself..
    M. Bruce Pine in San Marcos, CA Health Grades Review
  • Dr Moazzaz is the finest spine surgeon I’ve ever met. Very patient friendly. I was brought in to the hospital on a gurney and able to walk. After replacing two discs in my back, I was walking the hallways the next day. I highly recommend Dr Payam Moazzaz Was this helpful?
    Berny O in Oceanside, CA Health Grades Review
  • Dr. Moazzaz is an outstanding surgeon and a very personable doctor. He has a great bedside manner. He patiently answered all questions before and after surgery that my son and I asked him. When he saw the x-rays of my back he said, "I can help you", and he has helped me. The surgery has improved my quality of life, reduced my back pain, and reduced my need to take increasingly strong pain medication. Dr. Moazzaz has an outstanding reputation in the community. His office staff is very professional, kind, and very caring. I highly recommend Dr. Moazzaz to anyone considering back surgery.
    Yelp Review
  • Dr Moazzaz is a magician. He performed a spinal surgery on my wife. She walked out of the hospital two days later.
    Health Grades Review
  • Dr. Moazzaz was amazing. He got right to the issue after my ex-rays were taken by Kraig; :) very humorous guy, but I felt less nervous about the exam. Gotta have some humor. Dr. Moazzaz also recommend me to Dr. Patel and pain doctor who is VERY kind and nearly pain free cortisone injections. You won't go wrong with both of these kind hearted and knowledgeable men
    Yvonne in Oceanside Health Grades Review
  • This surgeon has skills and a demeanor above and beyond the call of duty. Sure wish we had found him years ago for my mother's first procedures. He is. highly recommended !!!! Thank you Dr. M and staff!
    DRC Health Grades Review
  • C3 through C5 herniation. Discectomy/fusion. Pain level: 9-10. Time of diagnosis (12/07/17) to surgery (12/22/17) was expeditious due to persistence of his office calling insurance daily for preauthorization. Surgery went perfect. His assistant, Erica, was outstanding in all ways. Communication with Dr. Moazzaz was exceptional, even answering text questions in rapid fashion (even during the holidays!). Exemplary medical care.
    Mike in Carlsbad Health Grades Review
  • Attentive, caring & great results! Best surgeon out of the 8 back surgeries I’ve had..., You’re in very good hands. The best surgeon ever,
    Joanne Google Review
  • Best surgeon!! 5 years ago I was in severe back pain and actually using a cane and a walker in my 40's! I heard about the minimally invasive robotics surgery and was referred to Dr Moazzaz. From the first appt. to my very involved surgery I had excellent care. I only expected and would have been happy with 30 percent pain relief....but after just 9 months post op and to this day a few aspirin is all I need now and then. I went back just 1 month ago for my cervical stenosis and have a plan to take care of that as well. I highly recommend Dr Moazzaz and his staff. Thank you for giving me my life back.
    Benetta Google Review
  • Best surgeon hands down. . Fused my lower back robotically at Tri-City Hospital. And today I have absolutely nothing to complain about, great staff Erica was so precise it getting everything done in a timely manner. I would recommend this doctor to anyone I'm so grateful my insurance allowed me to fall in his hands. Feeling Blessed. 4 1/2 months ago
    Donna M Google Review
  • I was suffering from neck pain for years. I tried physical therapy. I took two shots of edpidural injections. None of that helped. Dr. Moazzaz explained my problems to me clearly, he answered my questions fully, and he addressed all of my concerns patiently. The surgery was performed for L4 to L6, & it was a success ! Dr. Moazzaz is more than a great doctor. He is a caring, kind, & gentle person, that shines through his work. The nurse is always courteous, I couldn't ask for a better team.
    Hilda L in San Marcos, CA Health Grades Review
  • Neck broke, spinal cord and nerves compression, damaged disks, and sciatica pain was my companion 24/7, I was a mess. Several surgical procedures, some robotic at Tri City Medical, I have a renewed outlook on living. My wife and I now looking forward to retirement where we plan on travel, riding bikes, hiking, zip lining, etc. Dr. Moazzaz is truly passionate about his profession, exceptionally skilled and a very caring physician, I would not hesitate recommending to family and friends. Rich W.
    Richard W in San Marcos, CA Health Grades Review
  • Excellent, Passionate, Knowledgeable, Skilled and Professional My experience with Dr. Moazzaz was one of my greatest experiences in my life. I was on the brink of losing all hope and enjoyment in life, and then a miracle to a new brighter beginning. It's clear to me that Dr. Moazzaz saved my life and restored the gift of enjoying a physical life again. My story begins with a long list of failed diagnoses, and remedies, all of which simply worsen my condition. Then I was introduced to "The Man" Dr. Payam Moazzaz a very polite, passionate, caring physician whom I will later come to understand as the very best when it comes to matters of the human spin and state of the art robotic surgical procedures. I suffered from severe and extensive degenerative arthritis and spinal stenosis. Pain reilled my body with every movement and breath I took 24 hours a day. My neck was broke, with spinal cord compression, several damaged disks, compressed nerves and sciatica pain was my companion 24/7, I was a mess. After several surgical procedures, some robotic at Tri City Medical Hospital, I have a renewed outlook on living. My wife and I are now looking forward to retirement where we plan on the usual travel, riding bikes, motorcycles, hiking, zip lining, etc. Dr. Moazzaz is truly passionate about his profession, is exceptionally skilled and a very caring physician, one I would not hesitate recommending to all my family and friends. I am forever in debited for all he has done for our family! One last thing, Dr. Moazzaz is demanding of this staff, always in the best interest of his patients, and the staff is totally up to the task, extremely attentive, polite and responsive to all your needs. So why wait, pain relief is just a phone call away.
    Rich W Yelp Review
  • Dr. Moazzas answered all of my questions and discussed the x-rays and the results, which showed a complete success. He spent as much time with me as I needed during every appointment. His staff continued to warmly welcome us. Dr. Moazzas provided practical strategies during the surgery recovery and demonstrated that I was a person, and just a "number". What a refreshing experience. I was so satisfied, I was immediately recommending him and his staff to others. I received the best care possible.
    Steve D. in Oceanside, CA Health Grades Review
  • It has been almost one year since Dr. Moazzaz performed surgery on my back. It was an OUTSTANDING success.
    Lisa G Google Review
  • Dr. Moazzaz is very attentive and really listens to your concerns while explaining things simply and to the point with care. He understands what you are going through and is compassionate about what you should choose to do/ options available. The office personnel are great at getting back to you even though they are a busy office, they call you back on time and take care of everything on their end efficiently. My appointments are always taken on time as well.
    Thank you Yelp Review
  • An OUTSTANDING success! Dr. Moazzaz performed two spinal fusions, L4-L5, L5-S1, and a laminectomy. Arrived Friday morning 7:00 am for surgery. Woke up that afternoon, walked the hallway around 4:00pm--PAIN-FREE! Dr. Moazzaz always answered my questions, shared his knowledge about my condition, and the procedure. I always felt informed about my care. Debbie, his assistant, was patient, kind, terrific! Incredibly thankful for this successful surgery, and the gifted Dr. Moazzaz!
    Lisa G. in Ramona, CA Health Grades Review
  • Outsdaning. Lower back surgery. Recovery time minimal. Problems sesolved. Would highly recommend without any qualifications
    Robert M in Vista, CA Health Grades Review
  • This doctor was outstanding! Little or no pain after major back surgery. Recovery time was remarkable. A year out from the surgery doing fine and problems resolved. If I had do do it over again he would be my choice.
    Robert M in Vista, CA Health Grades Review
  • Excellent spine surgeon. We've only been there once but it is obvious to see the quality of care throughout.
    Frank A. C Google Review
  • I cannot say enough good things about OSNC and Dr. Moazzaz. I was treated for a back injury and Dr. Moazzaz performed a L5-S1 microdiscectomy in August 2015. From the second I met him it was obvious how competent and professional he is. Not only that, but he is extremely polite, punctual, and caring. While he is the star of my experience, every single interaction I had with the office was beyond all expectations. His office manager Toni is incredible. She was able to expedite my insurance approval, and I firmly believe it is because she took ownership of my care - she saw how much pain I was in and made all efforts to help! I also want to commend the nurses and appointment staff, they work very hard and made everything as simple as possible. I am not sure what all the negative commentators are talking about as I could not imagine a more seamless experience. Dr. Moazzaz gave me my normal life back, but I wouldn't be compelled to write a review if he only did that. He and the people he represents truly delivered exemplary and compassionate care. I feel a bit stupid that the only thing public thing I can offer in return is a review on Yelp. I only hope Dr. Moazzaz and his team understand (and see) what they did for me. It is something I will never forget. Much respect and admiration. Thank you.
    Yelp Review